No idea why these exist and what’s their purpose (covered up graffiti?) but I think they’re great


So my 10 week ‘introduction to graphic design’ course is over. One of the last projects was to design a book cover (we had a choice of 4 fictional titles: Tall stories, Alone, Green Room or Digital Dystopia)




“Just as a painter needs light in order to put the finishing touches to his picture, so I need an inner light, which I feel I never have enough of in the autumn.”

Leo Tolstoy

The biggest collection of Cezánnes in the UK, Matisse, Monet, Gauguin… You name it. And then there are the Botticellis, the Bruegels, Cranach… You keep bumping into paintings you know from books and art classes and it feels like bumping into celebrities- but better!

Peter Bruegel the Elder: Christ and the woman taken in adultery

Peter Bruegel the Elder: Christ and the woman taken in adultery

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Last week:
My sister stayed for 5 days (<3)
I visited Courtauld Gallery for the first time (who knew!)
Saw exhibitions:
Egon Schiele (fantastic)
Vivianne Sassen (ok)
Edward Steinchen (very unexciting)
Saw the Book of Mormons (shit)
Went to The Skatalites' 50th anniversary tour gig (awesome)
Went to a peruvian restaurant Ceviche (great)

I don't think I've ever had such attractions-packed week in my life so thought it's worth noting. It is also an explanation for the lack of posts here (not that anyone cares).

Yours truly


overload of information and images cacophony of ugliness all blending into one
so i edit down, burn the chaff and focus on that which is acceptable
i eat the meat and spit the bones
here’s my meat and it’s pleasant
but also abstract and meaningless

H. Matisse, 1947

I keep a postcard of this painting on my desk at work. I adore this work and spend a shameful amount of time staring at it. Here’s my tribute to/ profanation of my favourite elements of it. Am I even allowed…? I don’t mean to offend!



I’ve been spending almost 4 hours every day on trains and underground over the least year and until today, I haven’t used any of that time to draw. So today I decided to draw some of my fellow and oblivious commuters. My favourite is the man in the top right corner, he looks almost recognisable! Anyway, I enjoyed sketching these guys and might do it again!