When is a book, not a book?

Ok, short introduction first. 3 weeks 2D project. Theme: identity; inspirations, likes, dislikes, fascinations.
When is a book, not a book? Answer the question for yourself.

Conents (shorten/4wordperss)
1.White fineliner illustration “total eclipse of the sun/teots” inspired by Einsturzende Neubauten
2.Total eclipse of the sun, lyrics
3.States of mind 05-08. Collection of self portraits
4.States of mind 05-08. Look inside
5.Fine liner on tracing paper, water coulours, cutout.
6.Collage/tea stains,old plaing card, tea bag. Songs lyrics written onto the tea bag (Garden/EN) + ^
7.Master and Margarita illustration. Woland + Hella
8.Master and Margarita illustration. Woland + Hella- open
9.2 leaves behind the tracing paper. Illustration for Eccl4:9-12 (Kzn4:9-12)
10.Tea stains + annotations (after: Charles Jones/ apples page from album)

The whole book consists of 21 pages. (14×14 cm). Hard bound A3 cover (converted into square= 35X35cm)

  1. Gloomy Slipper said:

    No i się wybroniłaś 😉

  2. sketchbooker said:

    excellent work

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