Pada Deszcz (It is raining)

Every time it is raining, and the realisation of it comes in my mind, and I feel myself thinking ‘it is raining’, a poem comes to me. Or just few beginning lines of the poem. What I remember is: ‘Pada deszcz. W ilu juz miejscach padal podobnie? Pada deszcz. Tak mi smutno, tak smutno okropnie’. This translates: ‘It is raining. In how many places it’s rained similarly? It is raining. I am so sad, sad horribly’. Kind of thing.
Funny enough, for a long time, I could not remember the name of the poet. I knew that he used to write for Przekroj and that he is an old man today. I remembered where I read this rain poem, too. My sister once found a little book of his poetry by some bins (Some people were emptying a flat after its old occupier has died) and then I found it in her room. Opened and read. But out of all the poems, these few lines stuck in my head so that I remembered every time it rained. Thanks to the miraculous powers of the internet, today I managed to find his name only by asking about ‘Przekroj’s poets’. Good stuff!
By the way, it’s Ludwik Jerzy Kern

No i wlasnie. Pada deszcz…


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