little joys

Beautiful little things. Mulberry tea lights and tea cup candle holder make me smile every day. And they smell so delicious. Its difficult to describe, but the combination of all these things… lovely smell, tea cup and tea lights, then light gleaming out of this tea cup, lovely smelling light; is this light a mulberry tea? Warm, golden, with a slight shade of purple.
My life became fioletowe, recently. Fioletowy is polish for purple, yet I have a feeling tha these two words describe completely different colour. Purple is royale, deep, saturated, yet naive. Fioletowy is calm, a little bit sad, melancholic, quiet. It’s like a thick soft carpet hiding bits of broken glass in its hair.
And I am now very literally surrounded by different shades of both. I am enjoying their presence.

Pretty leather shoes vere no longer any use to the nicest, prettiest, most talented vegan on this planet 😉 LLW thank youuu xxxxx


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