There will be a lot of images appearing from now on. And I mean just in general, in my life, not necessarily here, since I started my long awaited degree in photography. So I think it will be good to develop a habit of updating this blog, every now and then. It may be nice, to one day look in the archives and see how it was then. To see the progress (hopefully) or the lack of it. Just to warm up, a few shots in remembrance of the summer. Zenit + 35mm from pundland.

Marielle the Carrot came with a visit to Gdansk.
In Poland we have this rhyming poem that you say to the snail to convince it to show its tentacles (antlers?). It’s quite funny, but i’m not gonna say it as it wouldn’t make much sense in english. But anyway, as you can see, we got the snail convinced!

This first picture, I am really happy with it, I just need to get a decent scan of it and then maybe publish it in bigger size. A tiny winy inspiration taken somewhere from between M. Yankus and U. Barth.

Poppy fields and 10 hours on a train


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