Rainy Days

Someone pointed out correctly, that whenever our group goes out to shoot on a location, it pours down with rain. We aren’t shooting on a location today, yet it rains just like on that day when we visited Aylesford. Being brave as Braveheart (at least) me and Vova wonderded around the village, trying to ignore the streams of water falling down from the heavy clouds above our heads. At some point we found ourselves walking down a curvy and very narrow road (now bring to mind the narrow lanes of rural England, overgrown by various grasses and hedges, not wide enough for a single car, dangerous for two cars going in opposite directions, not to mention two walking individuals- and it was raining heavily!!!). Yes.
So here we are, putting our lives at a slight risk in search of a tree, a view, an object, this eye-grabbing ‘something’ that we cannot even verbally describe.
‘Look’ said Vova ‘a horse!’
And indeed, there was a horse. The horse was standing on a large, flat piece of land, a dull- looking field, surrounded by a low barb-wire fence. As you can imagine, we had to fight our way through quite a bush just in order to reach the fence. Once we did this, the horse (as they do) showed a bit of an interest in us, his visitors. He took a few steps towards us, but we weren’t interesting enough and he soon went back to his previous agenda of standing, staring in the distance and looking sad (or maybe just thoughtful). He was of a beautiful color, something between brown and orange (I’m sure there is a word for it, but I don’t know it) and wore a dark blue horse- type coat. (Once again, I am sure there is a word for a horse- type coats but, hey, I’m sure you know what I mean).
Personally, I am not a great fan of horses. They’re smelly, unpredictable, unapproachable (apparently, from the back) and purportedly you can’t drive them (ride them?) as fast as they show in films. But two things I can’t ignore in them and about them is their unquestionable beauty and gentleness. I am not a great fan of horses, but I like them a lot, so I took a few pictures…


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