Magyarország ’09

I won’t write much and describe everything in detail. It is too late now and there would be too much to describe. The trip was good. I went many places, mostly by feet, sometimes on a tram. (Tram if Ida was around, that girl has a real thing for trams!) I got to know some people a bit better which I really really appreciate as being sociable isn’t my strongest side. I was surprised how much I enjoyed spending time with other human beings, ha! Such a nice change :). I didn’t take to many photos but that was easily predictable as I never bring a lot of photos from any kind of trip. I shot something about 2,5 35mm and a few frames on medium format but that’s about it.
I can now really recommend Budapest as a place to visit.

There is so much to discover! For 5 days me, Ida and occasionally a couple of other girls were exploring the place with our irreplaceable mapa and still we didn’t even get to the Buda side of town. I mean, we went there, crossed the bridge but no deeper explorations. Looking at the bright side, at least there is something left for the next time.
The places I remember most and will definitely go back to are: ‘M’ Restaurant, where I was served the most delicious turkey stuffed with apple, with french beans, potato and pumpkin mash and orange sauce; the Mai Manó Ház shop (the gallery itself was disappointing but shop was great); the Gödör Club, for it held Yann Tiersen’s concert to which I was convinced to go to and I’m glad that I did; the Ludwig Múzeum – house of the Contemporary Art with an extraordinary temporary exhibition showing works of a Hungarian artist Csörgő Attila (all science based- physics, maths, optics etc… amazing stuff!) and of course (almost forgot!)- Szimpla Kert – a pub? cafe? I don’t know but it was great and its a shame we discovered it only the last night. Anyway, here, some pictures from Szimpla. (and one or two from ‘the red pub’ as it was called)


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