Flavien and Rachel

I’ve just spent 1.5 hours trying to scan. All I got is these two pictures and as much as the frustration is trying to crawl onto me that all I got is these two, I am so happy that the two I got are these two. Haha I don’t know how much sense I am making but try to understand.
Flavien is an ex-army man, a soldier. He’s over sixty though he doesn’t look so. He talks for 10, laughs for 20, loves painting and his charming 20-years-younger-than-him wife Rachel. Rachel is a sport’s woman- a long distance runner. It’s so difficult to say about someone in just a few words!
Well. I love Albert and Rachel, they’re just so inspiring, so joyful, so trusting in the Lord in all circumstances.

ps. I replaced the pictures!


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