I recently started exploring the space in which I will live in the nearest future and for quite some time. I was very nervous thinking whether it will have good light or not as it will certainly affect me and the way I perceive and respond to the space. I must say that the light in my room-to-be is just beautiful. The only window comes out to the North which results in a very subtle, poetic, diffused light that is soooo inspiring even just to look at.
I took these images of a bag that my mum brought to my house one day, as it was the only object I had with me at the time. All I wanted to do, was to compare the shadows and light patterns in the same setting, using the same shutter speed and aperture but changing the shape of the bag, but somehow a number of references popped up in my head as I scanned the images.
There is something disturbing in juxtaposing images that are almost but not quite the same. I didn’t quite achieve that effect here but neither I’ve been trying to in this particular instance. It is definitely something that I’d like to explore one day. Also I will try to post an example of work that is made to evoke this disturbing feeling that you get from looking at almost-alike images, I have a reference somewhere…
Another thing these pictures reminded me of is work of Roy Voss . His work centres around the exploration of the relationships between image object and text. I think his work is genius in its simplicity. Though the meanings of both the setting (i. e. a landscape) and the word that he inserts in it multiply as they’re put against each other, I feel that somehow I’m given space and freedom to explore those different meanings. I find myself ABLE of exploring them as oppose to being confused. There’s clarity and some simple form of beauty in his work that speaks to me. Well that’s an essay in itself.
Along the same lines, my BLISS tiny winy reminded me of Robert Heineken’s work- found object, odd (if not random) juxtaposition, multiplied meanings. And text of course.
I feel tempted to also mention Ed Ruscha, but I also feel like I’m stretching it a bit too much here. Yes- he uses text, I used text but so did William Shakespeare yet I’m not trying to draw a comparison to him. I don’t know-maybe there’s something I feel but cannot name? I’ll leave it for now.


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