A root vegetable korma with Nigel Slater

Nigel Slater’s book on vegetables first caught my attention at some point last year when I was doing my weekly-or-so browse through the TKmax stock. It wasn’t that I was looking for a cookery book- not at all. In fact, what made me stop and pick it up from the shelf was it’s look- Tender Volume I is a beautiful publication inside out. The photography is breath taking and… mouth watering- at least for such a food lover as myself. Each chapter is dedicated to a different vegetable that the author himself grows in his garden; it includes things like tips on growing it, some history, different types of the particular veg and of course- recipes.

(A slightly self reflective moment here: I really could keep on writing about this book without actually getting to the point I want to make- I could and I would probably enjoy it, but it’s neither the right time nor… the right time for it. I will on another occasion.)

So, this evening, after a year or so of being an actual happy owner of Tender: Volume I, I decided to try my strength at cooking from a recipe. Encouraged by actually having a lot of the ingredients already (spices to be more specific- those I brought back from India last year) I set out to buy the few things I still needed to make the root vegetable korma: a swede, some parsnips and carrots and a Jerusalem artichoke which was nowhere to be found at ASDAs- I replaced it with 2 sweet potatoes.
It was a new experience to cook strictly from a recipe- I normally would just look briefly and get inspired by it but then go my own way. As this korma was totally out of my comfort zone I followed all the instructions step by step. And it was worth it! It turned out totally creamy and spicy in a sweet kind of way- I served it with basmati rice and some naan bread on the side… Nigel, you’d be proud of me.
This would be a great moment to post a picture of this gorgeous meal I’ve been on about but… We didn’t take any! When the time comes to sit down and enjoy the food… we sit down and enjoy the food!
For afters, Richard came up with a surprise- When me and Greg invited him to stay and eat with us, he sneakily put some grapes in the freezer. Less really is more! One of the best, most refreshing desserts I’ve ever had- it was perfect especially after such a rich dish as korma.
It’s time for bed now, but I’ll just quickly make a wish…
Tender: Volume II



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