Here’s a little miszmasz {meesh-mash} of images I made recently. What you see is a series of the same picture of myself (it became a gif very spontaneously, just a few minutes ago) but with a different ‘filling’ applied to the dress. Both, the self-portrait and the filling (a still life of a dead mussel) were taken with a 35mm camera then scanned and joined together in Photoshop. I experimented a lot the day I made those and really really enjoyed it. I gave myself a task of producing as many different variations of the images I had, as possible, without necessarily focusing on the quality of each individual one. Through this, I hoped to stirr up my sleepy creativity a bit. Not sure if it worked yet, but I really had a good time- I miss the times when I just messed around with images on my computer aimlessly- there was some good stuff coming out of it sometimes!

Read more to see some still images and more gifs.


  1. smalleye said:

    Hey I’ve actually seen this a while ago and I remember really really liking it… So there u go, an unconscious influence! 😉 I’d love to have a go at trying making something like this in the darkroom one day.

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