Some time ago, in November I visisted the Design Museum to see John Pawson’s Plain Space. It just happened that another show was on at the same time, and that you could see both paying for just one (in other words: buy 1 get 1 free for gallery shows).
The other show was Drawing Fashion. I’ve just checked and it’s actually still on (until the 6th of March), so if you’re planning a gallery day and still haven’t seen it… Go and see it!
My favourite artist of that exhibition was Mats Gustafson. I think I must have come across his work earlier, because it felt somehow familiar, but I couldn’t really remember (and still can’t) where or when I’ve seen it. I’ve always liked watercolour. In fact, Gustafson’s paintings, reminded me very much of paintings by another artists, whose name I can’t remember. I know she was a female and that I’ve seen her work in Tate Modern- large portraits of women. I’ve looked and searched but I don’t have much time this morning, so my research will have to wait for a better moment. Anyway, similarity to the paintings by the mysterious female artist could be an explanation for the ‘I’ve seen it before’ feeling I experienced while looking at Gustafson’s work. But look, I’m rambling and it’s not even what I want to share.
The moment I’ve seen Gustafson’s work I was fascinated by it. It was so minimalistic, yet so evocative. I thought to myself ‘wouldn’t it wonderful to take photographs that would have similar qualities?’. Indeed, I thought it would be great to have a go at making photographic versions of his paintings. Oh the glorious feeling of being inspired!
But what do I stumble upon having done some research into relationships between fashion drawing and photography? Yes, it has already been done and not just by someone but by Paolo Roeversi himself! It hasn’t quite put me of from having a go myself, but what has been done by Roeversi, is -to no surprise- of the highest standard and beauty, so here you are, look and admire:

See more examples by clicking the link below!


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