In my journal I wrote:

The night train to Belgrade. It’s hot but there’s a pleasant draft in the carriage- all the windows are open. In the corridor, a young man is playing accordion and I feel like I’m in some surreal but incredibly romantic film.

The train is moving towards a storm. Though it’s dark already and you can’t distinguish shapes of the clouds, time after time the sky lights up with a lightening. The sound of thunder blends with the heavy clatter of the train’s wheels on the rails.

Should I really be quoting my own words? Not sure here, but I like how it separates that bit of text… Never mind. It really was a nice experience, a point in time that you’d like to hold on to, one of the hypnotizing kind. I’m always very self-aware in those kind of moments and this time wasn’t different- half of me wanted to enjoy it, take in as much of it as possible, while the other half was laughing at myself for even allowing this atmosphere to touch me so deeply. Not easy to have a split personality I’m telling you! Greg encouraged me to stick the camera out of our compartment and actually record what was happening. I’ve now remembered that we even recorded this guy’s play on Greg’s phone- I’ve got to get hold of the files. Once I do, I’ll share them here. For now, I’m posting a track I found under ‘serbian accordion music’ on You Tube, just to give you a fuller idea of what it was like…


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