John 3:30

My personal visual exploration of faith. The starting point of this work was an accumulated need to to challenge the idea of ‘religiousness’ (hence the working title of (not)religious ) I focused on a life of a believer, the relationship with God, the process of a ‘diminishing self’. I used light as a metaphor for God and His character which influences and changes individuals- This is mainly shown through the light taking over certain features of the sitters. The Bible is full of beautiful metaphors, many of them relating to light and darkness which makes them quite easy to translate into an image. Although I’ve wanted to do this project for a while and I’m very happy to see it accomplished, I don’t feel that I have fully resolved it. I think I could probably explore some of those metaphors I’ve mentioned earlier deeper, make more out of them. Also, there’s something too peaceful about these portraits considering that they focus on allowing God to take over our lifes, characters. The old self is normally kicking and screaming to stay unchanged. There’s struggle involved and that certainly doesn’t show through these photographs. But hey- ho this is a starting point.

Thank you to all you who helped, posed and encouraged 🙂

These are scans from prints, hence the not-too-great quality…


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