le Pont de la Tour, Cantina, Chop House

Despite of my poor knowledge of London, le Pont de la Tour has for a while been a place I did know about. A classy, french restaurant in Butlers Wharf with a view of London Bridge, just round the corner from the Design Museum. ‘Such a lovely place’ I used to think. Once, I even checked online for their menu thinking how nice it would be to go. And today, ay yes, I went! Not exactly for a romantic dinner with my husband (that’s still to come, I hope) but to assist Lisa Linder who’s just shooting some PR material for the D&D London Restaurants. It wasn’t just le Pont de la Tour by the way- we also shot some stuff in the Cantina and the Chop house- both literally next door from le Pont in the Butler’s Wharf.

We did get to try some of the dishes: my personal winner was a sticky toffee pudding (above, right), topped with a scoop of clotted cream and caramel. Prepared by Nicky Foley, Chop House head chef, it tasted heavenly.


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