Veerswamy + Browns Hotel + Massimo @ Corinthia Hotel + HIX Oyster and Chop House

A few more snap shots from a couple of other days of being an assistant to Lisa Linder. This time she was working on a material for Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Veerswamy is the oldest indian restaurant in London- it’s been around since the 20s if I’m not mistaken. We’ve been very fortunate and were asked to sit down and eat what we’ve previously photographed at the end of the day. Apparently, this doesn’t happen that often. The food was re-heated for us and there we were, enjoying delicacies such as slow-cooked lamb shank, tandoori prawns or crab kebabs, not to mention the selection of the best chutneys I’ve ever tried: raw papaya, plum, orange, onion and green mango… Very nice!

Another day started at the Browns Hotel where we photographed the Afternoon Tea which the Hotel is famous for. They do two versions of it there: the traditional one and one called ‘Tea-Tox’ – name is self-explanatory. Gosh, everything was yummy.

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. This hotel has apparently only been open for less than two months. The extraordinary interiors of the restaurant were designed by David Collins (link), a renowned interior designer. Unfortunately, this also was the place where my ipod’s battery decided to die on me. Very sad, but luckily there are plenty of nice images of the place on the Restaurant’s own website, here. Once again, we were kindly asked to sit down and enjoy a dish of pasta after finishing shooting. And so we did, and over a lovely glass of wine, too. : )

And on the last day, there was HIX Oyster and Chop House. It was only half a day and not really my best one. I got to the location slightly late, as I took the worst possible connection and by the end of the shoot I managed to loose a piece of Lisa’s equipment. Just a piece of card, but still. So no pics from there!
But this should be it for assisting this summer. i think


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