Virginia’s Hair

I was sitting over my scrap book one of the evenings last week and felt suddenly compelled to cut out all of Virginia’s hair. I then felt like replacing it with something else.
Portrait of Virginia Woolf: George Charles Beresford
Warm-tone hair: Joachim Bueckelaer
Cold-tone hair: Francisco de Zurbarán
Hands: Alfred Stieglitz

read more if you’re interested!

This is just working through some visual ideas, ideally I would like to create something like this with my own images (it shouldn’t be too hard) and maybe some other artist’s work, a collaboration with a painter or someone else…
The idea of making an animation came quite unexpectedly and I wish I had scanned more different positions to make the moving image a bit more interesting, but I can always do it another time (perhaps even with my own pictures).
I quite like the idea of animation in the hair… in the head… Bit like thoughts or emotional states? Hmm… Have to think about it more.
I have missed SO MUCH making things with my hands! Like these cut-outs for example… I haven’t had a scrap book for over a year I think, and the ones I had before were more like notebooks than scrapbooks… I’m cautious not to say things like ‘aw, Im so inspired and excited, bla bla bla’ because these things change quite rapidly with me, but I can’t deny that creatively, something is happening!

All the goodies used:

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