Workshop with Emily Allchurch

I haven’t been posting much recently and that’s certainly not for the fact that I haven’t made any work- I have and quite a lot of it. Most of it isn’t very serious, mostly tests and experiments, but I’ve enjoyed making it nevertheless.
Two weeks ago I took part in a two-day workshop run at our uni by Emily Allchurch who herself is an established artist and a lovely enthusiastic person all at the same time 🙂 Check out her official website *here* .
The point of the workshop was to work from a single negative and push it through various processes, alter it and the prints made from it, as to end up with an abstracted, transformed version of the original.
I took a portrait of my friend Jenci (a test shot for one of my previous projects) as my starting point and ended up with with 3d paper sculptures… Here’s the journey:

Original contact print of the negative

I started by painting over the negative with white acrylic…

… You can clearly see the brush strokes on the t-shirt but not so much around the person. This technique would work much better with a darker picture.

I made a scan of my print and turned it into a paper negative (printed on an inkjet).

I’m not a great fan of this paper texture, but I really like the marks caused by the folds on the paper negative. Talking to Emily, we agreed that this print shares some resemblance with old, italian frescos: both the actual texture as well as the fold marks (reminding me of the structures of the cathedral arches) having something to do with it…

I scanned the previous print and re-printed on an inkjet paper as to make folding easier… And this is what I ended up with! Little sculptures attached to the wall with a bit of a tape.

The most amazing thing about working this way is, that the amount of routes that could have been taken is endless- I could have ended up with something completely entirely different! I could even work from the same negative again and see where it takes me next, or I could carry on: photograph the sculptures, print them, make transfers…


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