red chested little fella

The other day (last Tuesday to be exact), after a more-less wasted morning and early afternoon, I decided to pull myself together and finally do something. I went for a walk. I wanted to take some photos in the cathedral (it was sunny as I was leaving the home), but by the time I got there the sky was tightly covered with clouds and the inside of the cathedral looked rather gloomy. I decided that instead, I will go to the cathedral’s garden and -maybe- take some photos of birds. And so I did. And to my surprise and joy, the little, fat robin-fella turned up! The most sociable little bird I’ve ever met. This Tuesday encounter wasn’t our first one, but it was the first one whilst I had my camera with me, too. It was such good fun! He would sit in one place and sit there until i take the photo (it wasn’t that he would run away at the sound of the shutter though) and then fly over to another spot, maybe 1 meter away and sit there until i take another photo… and so on. Quite amazing. He also started singing quietly at some point… Made my day (:

And as we’re on the subject of birds and photography I feel compelled to recommend the work of Jean Luc Mylayne. An amazing bird-photographer, who instead of using a range of bad ass telephoto lenses, watches his little models for long periods of time and develops a relationship with them so that in time, he is able to predict where they’re going to sit and how they’re going to behave. His pictures are really really nice.

  1. walnut72 said:

    Really lovely, the sun is out and my camera is raring to go!!!

    • Ha ha, great! 🙂 we should all gather together one day (whoever will be up for it) and spend an afternoon taking photos in some nice place. Maybe some sunny Sunday afternoon?
      I love sunny afternoons!!!

      • That actually sounds like a great idea, I have just bought a book – digital photography for dummies!! I plan to get a proper SLR camera when I have got the hang of the one I have now

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