No idea why these exist and what’s their purpose (covered up graffiti?) but I think they’re great


Part Four: Me touristing @ St Stephen’s Basilica
Due to the arrangement of our flights/ train journeys, I had to wait for Greg for two days in Budapest this summer. I took a bus there from Poland and he was joining me later coming on a plane. I kind of enjoyed exploring the city on my own- I think it’s something everyone wants to do sometimes. I saw some of the ‘main’ tourist attractions (like St Stephen’s Basilica for example) as well just walked around aimlessly. I enjoyed both, but to be honest by the end of my stay there I seriously missed having my man with me and was over the moon to see him emerge from the tube station when he finally arrived:)

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Last week (or was it 2 weeks ago already?) I visited the Design Museum to see John Pawson’s Plain Space. The exhibition is located on the second floor of the DM and is made up from photographs, small-scale models of buildings designed by him, objects, drawings and materials that he tends to use for his projects. Pawson’s style is characterised by a modern look and a minimalistic approach, yet his designs come across as warm and not cold. Lovely!

Ps. Going to Design Museum before the 6th of March 2011, you get access to 2 exhibitions paying only for one. The other exhibition at this moment is the Drawing Fashion (link) which is very much worth recommending too. See it if you can!