It will soon be winter.




my orphan iphone pics. 3 of thousands!

Edit:  Sticking things together, making extensions and connections, finding common points, seeing shapes and spaces, abstracting… seems to be something i do automatically and with no thinking

Imperfection. We can respond in trying to cover it up with our own hopeless efforts or fool ourselves into believing that it is something to be celebrated. Either way, we loose. Unless there is another answer to it?

Just sketching up some ideas… As usual.

My feet are itchy and I don’t know whether it’s because of what I keep hearing from my sister (all the invitations to the most extraordinary journeys and travels she gets…) or because a group of my friends is away in the Philippines with the Light the Way Missions, or because I simply miss the stuff… trains at night, foreign languages, dirty feet, the sun, the water, the backpack and and this wonderfully different way in which time flows while you’re on the move…

My henna drawing made by Nilima in India, Nashik in May 2010.

The other day (last Tuesday to be exact), after a more-less wasted morning and early afternoon, I decided to pull myself together and finally do something. I went for a walk. I wanted to take some photos in the cathedral (it was sunny as I was leaving the home), but by the time I got there the sky was tightly covered with clouds and the inside of the cathedral looked rather gloomy. I decided that instead, I will go to the cathedral’s garden and -maybe- take some photos of birds. And so I did. And to my surprise and joy, the little, fat robin-fella turned up! The most sociable little bird I’ve ever met. This Tuesday encounter wasn’t our first one, but it was the first one whilst I had my camera with me, too. It was such good fun! He would sit in one place and sit there until i take the photo (it wasn’t that he would run away at the sound of the shutter though) and then fly over to another spot, maybe 1 meter away and sit there until i take another photo… and so on. Quite amazing. He also started singing quietly at some point… Made my day (:

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I haven’t been posting much recently and that’s certainly not for the fact that I haven’t made any work- I have and quite a lot of it. Most of it isn’t very serious, mostly tests and experiments, but I’ve enjoyed making it nevertheless.
Two weeks ago I took part in a two-day workshop run at our uni by Emily Allchurch who herself is an established artist and a lovely enthusiastic person all at the same time 🙂 Check out her official website *here* .
The point of the workshop was to work from a single negative and push it through various processes, alter it and the prints made from it, as to end up with an abstracted, transformed version of the original.
I took a portrait of my friend Jenci (a test shot for one of my previous projects) as my starting point and ended up with with 3d paper sculptures… Here’s the journey:
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Yesterday I took part in an emulsion printing workshop- I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a long time. I like all the pictures I made and it’s simply a nice feeling. To like what you’ve just made. I printed 3 photos from some old negatives and will post them here once I get a chance to scan them in. In the meantime, 2 shots I took on a walk in Rochester around two months ago… They’re nothing special but remind me a little bit of work by one of my favourite photographers- Masao Yamamoto. It is of course an exaggerated comparison (his images being masterpieces), but I’m talking about the construction of the frames- one small object in the middle of it. Here, a few pictures by the master himself:

Draft Deadline= Brugge in Winter= Counting days.
Is there a chance for snow in Belgium in the end of November? There probably isn’t and it only just occurred to me now! I was imagining a perfect, white town… Long live naivity! I’m glad I realised this now, imagine the disappointment otherwise.